Sales Training , specifically for the study abroad sector by industry sales leader, Nicola Lutz.

Taking your salesfolk, (even if that's just you!) from just reacting to inbound leads through to proactively selling with integrity, productivity and success.


Yes, I want this!

Sound familiar?


  • Do you suspect you and your team could convert more leads into sales?
  • Do you want to hold onto your key sales staff?
  • Do you want them to pick up the phone and generally be more ACTIVE in their selling?
  • Do you want to keep your team motivated?
  • Do you want your team to feel like you are investing in them and their development?
  • Do you think your sales process can be improved?
  • Do you think you can streamline your processes to benefit your partners and clients, as well as free up time for your salesfolk?
  • Do you want to stop them instantly discounting to improve profitability?
  • Do you want them to hear a trusted, 'outside' voice in their sales coaching and training?

Well that's fine - that's where I can help you.



 Nicola is a sales leader, mentor and trainer.

Official credentials include membership of the CPD Accreditation body and Fellowship of the Institute of Sales Professionals.

Experience includes 27 years in sales and sales leadership in the international education industry, so working with clients to scale their B2C and B2B sales.

She is known in the sector from her work at StudyTravel and her own company, No Fluff.

Known as 'direct' but 'kind' she has a knack of simplifying what needs to be done in order to make more sales.

She is hugely passionate about the international education sector, with personal experience of study abroad experiences and a wide network of agents, educators and suppliers.

On a personal note, she lives in Whitstable in Kent, UK. She speaks English, French and Spanish and loves good coffee and a walk on the beach with her pooch, Bilbo.


Who is this sales training for?

If you need bookings and are in the international education sector - this is for you.

Agents. Schools. Suppliers.

Often we 'fall into' a sales or sales management position. It's not our fault we don't know the mechanics behind a robust sales function.

And some people in our sector haven't experienced any other industries, so aren't sure of best practice.

Nicola has been working in many other sectors over the past several years, cross-pollinating ideas, techniques, processes and strategies to bring the best to her clients.

Sometimes we shy away from exposing issues with our business functions, maybe we don’t think we have time to look into it, we're too busy firefighting!

Maybe we don’t have time to implement anything that is revealed. But at what cost?

And maybe you have a team that don’t really like change. Or don't want to consider themselves 'sales', or it's only a part of their job.

That’s perfectly common and understandable.

But what if you had an outside expert?
With wide industry experience? 
That most of your team already know and trust?

Who already has decades of improving sales results in a friendly, non-judgemental, effective and motivating way.
Gaining simple steps to improve, that are manageable and given to you in order of importance.

That are bespoke to your business. 

If you invest time into anything - investing it into improving your sales is a very good idea!

What type of company is this for?


Training for owners/leaders

It might be you are master of every-blooming-thing.

Selling, HR, Accounts.. all of it.

And sales is just a part.

You know you need to get organised and improve, but aren't sure where to start.

Often sessions for people like you include:
- Setting goals (and I hold you accountable too)

- building a sales function from the roots up

- how to organise your selling activity to squeeze the best out of it while you're juggling other roles

- how to maximise your spend at industry events

- how to streamline your processes (marketing and sales) to best effect

- how to prospect, nurture and close business partner leads

But all of our training and coaching is bespoke, we go over it together, starting from where you are NOW.

Training for small teams


Our sector has many people who have the instinct for 'sales' as they are very caring and empathetic.

But they lack the mechanics behind the sales function. Or could be more efficient in the process. Or need to juggle direct business with business-to-business contacts.

Often sessions for people like you include:
- Working on the sales actions that bring in the revenue

- Setting up the sales interactions to ensure nothing is missed

- how to find new partners, account manage and at the same time prospect for new leads to keep a steady flow of bookings

- how to make a successful sales phone call without feeling sleazy

- how to create sales copy in emails that engage, gather responses and warm leads up so they buy from you

But all of our training and coaching is bespoke, we go over it together, starting from where you are NOW.

Training for larger, disperse teams


Our sector has the wonderful benefit of having business development managers in-country.

And this can be tricky when motivating, training and coaching them to all be selling from the same page.

Often sessions for people like you include:
- Working on the set of sales steps in a process for best results per market

- ensuring the messaging from the whole team is effective and consistent and delivered in the right way according to the clients

- prevention of over-reliance on a handful of key partners and ensuring the net is wider

- working with discounting and focusing on margin, whilst keeping those valuable relationships


But all of our training and coaching is bespoke, we go over it together, starting from where you are NOW.

Kevin McNally

"Working with Nicola is like having a department full of marketing & sales directors who are also very hot on CPD.
Nicola very quickly became an integral part of our team, we know she is there at all times for anything and everything we need.
Nicola has an intimate knowledge of our industry, coupled with sales and marketing expertise gained in other fields.  It is the perfect combination. "  

David Ferguson

"It was a pleasure to work with Nicola on a one-to-one basis. No Fluff says it all - everything was practical, vital to what we do and had a profound impact on our sales figures and working practices. Nicola's knowledge of sales and of our industry in particular, is without measure. It was hugely beneficial to re-think and re-learn what we thought we knew! 
Further training sessions with No Fluff on a regular basis each year is something we have now embedded into our sales calendar"

Peter Hayes

"Nicola has completely refreshed my attitude to sales and selling.

Her years of experience, in both sales and the study travel industry, shines through everything she has done for us.

And her consistently positive energy is the icing on the cake.

However, the bottom line is that we are making many more sales as a result. I can't recommend her enough."

Oscar Porras

"We chose No Fluff as we feel that Nicola knows our industry from very different perspectives and all that she can add is very practical and that we put in practice straightaway.

We have had other sessions with other people and we always felt that they were very theoretical which is not the case with Nicola where you get lots of tips and good ideas to boost your business. "

Sales Training & Coaching

£997 per month


  • 2 sessions per month
  • Bespoke
  • Email support
  • from 1 - 12 team members
  • Personally delivered by Nicola Lutz
  • Recorded for reference
  • time zones accommodated

Sales Training & Coaching

£5383 6 months

6 months/12 session package

  • 10% discount for prepayment of 6 months
  • 2 sessions per month
  • Bespoke
  • Email support
  • from 1-12 team members
  • Personally delivered by Nicola Lutz
  • Recorded for reference
  • time zones accommodated