The Study Abroad Sales Health-Check takes language schools, independent schools, agents and international educators from reacting to taking control of your sales function.

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Sound familiar?


  • Do you feel over-reliant on a handful of key markets or partners?
  • Do you know for certain that you are converting every lead possible into a sale?
  • Do you know exactly where you’re leaking leads in your sales process?
  • Do you have a sales process mapped out or is it a bit reactive?
  • Do you have your contacts nicely organised in a CRM or is it a bit disjointed?
  • Do you have a marketing strategy lined up with a sales strategy, or don’t you have either?
  • Are you helping your agents to sell your programs?
  • Do you know how much time you spend on 'selling'? Prospecting for new partners, reviving dormant ones and keeping existing clients happy?
  • Do you just not know where to start to improve sales and need a step-by-step guide, tailored to YOU?

    This money-back guaranteed Sales Health Check identifies what's working, what's not, and what you can do to improve, streamline and scale your sales.


    It gives you the road map of problems, consequences and - importantly - solutions.

    Specifically for the study abroad sector by industry sales leader, Nicola Lutz.

    Taking language schools, independent schools, agents and international educators from reacting to taking control of their sales function.


Take action now

How fantastic would it be to have a list, in order, of what you need to do to improve your sales! (That's guaranteed, too.)

From a sales coach and mentor that knows, loves and understands our industry.

Things have changed, but has your sales process?
Selling points?

Do you feel your sales - your selling - is a bit loose, a little out of control? Quite reactive?

Or even, you don’t think it even qualifies as a sales ‘function’, you’re just winging it..?

You’re not alone! With so many changes recently plenty of schools and agencies are a bit all over the place.

Is it time to take control of the revenue-generating part of your business?


Who is the Sales Health Check for?

If you need bookings and are in the international education sector - this Sales Health Check is for you.

Agents. Schools. Suppliers.

Often we 'fall into' a sales or sales management position. It's not our fault we don't know the mechanics behind a robust sales function.

And some people in our sector haven't experienced any other industries, so aren't sure of best practice.

Nicola has been working in many other sectors over the past several years, cross-pollinating ideas, techniques, processes and strategies to bring the best to her clients.

Sometimes we shy away from exposing issues with our business functions, maybe we don’t think we have time to look into it, we're too busy firefighting!

Maybe we don’t have time to implement anything that is revealed. But at what cost?

And maybe you have a team that don’t really like change. Or don't want to consider themselves 'sales', or it's only a part of their job.

That’s perfectly common and understandable.

But what if you had an outside expert?
With wide industry experience? 
That most of your team already know and trust?

Who will come and kindly dig around your sales activities.
That will identify the quick wins,
the long term improvements and
the steps you need to take to improve sales performance.

That GUARANTEES to return more than your original investment.

Wouldn’t it be worth it?

Gaining simple steps to improve, that are manageable and given to you in order of importance.

That are bespoke to your business,
discovered in total confidence,
that your sales team can use to bring in more sales, more efficiently.

If you invest time into anything - investing it into boosting revenue and streamlining processes to save time, is always a good idea.

Sales Health-Check


Top features

  • Bespoke
  • money-back guarantee
  • Personal virtual interaction with leadership and salesfolk over 3 x 1/2 days
  • Review of software, staff, activity, collateral, strategy and goals, from lead generation through to referral processes.
  • Strategy report, in order of impact delivered within one week
  • Sales Leakage points identity list
  • Problems, consequences and solutions report
  • Post-report, we have a regroup meeting for Q&As too.

Kevin McNally

"Working with Nicola is like having a department full of marketing & sales directors who are also very hot on CPD.
Nicola very quickly became an integral part of our team, we know she is there at all times for anything and everything we need.
Nicola has an intimate knowledge of our industry, coupled with sales and marketing expertise gained in other fields.  It is the perfect combination. "  

David Ferguson

"It was a pleasure to work with Nicola on a one-to-one basis. No Fluff says it all - everything was practical, vital to what we do and had a profound impact on our sales figures and working practices. Nicola's knowledge of sales and of our industry in particular, is without measure. It was hugely beneficial to re-think and re-learn what we thought we knew! 
Further training sessions with No Fluff on a regular basis each year is something we have now embedded into our sales calendar"

Peter Hayes

"Nicola has completely refreshed my attitude to sales and selling.

Her years of experience, in both sales and the study travel industry, shines through everything she has done for us.

And her consistently positive energy is the icing on the cake.

However, the bottom line is that we are making many more sales as a result. I can't recommend her enough."

Oscar Porras

"We chose No Fluff as we feel that Nicola knows our industry from very different perspectives and all that she can add is very practical and that we put in practice straightaway.

We have had other sessions with other people and we always felt that they were very theoretical which is not the case with Nicola where you get lots of tips and good ideas to boost your business. "


Nicola Lutz has worked in sales in the study abroad sector for 26+ years.

A proud Director of the most central media and events company in the industry - StudyTravel - and Owner of No Fluff, a sales training and coaching company, she is hugely passionate about the success of the international education industry.

Speaker of French and Spanish, and with children that have 'walked the talk' too, studying overseas to improve their languages and make international friends, she has experienced the sector from many sides.

Nicola is also a member of the CPD Accreditation Body, and a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals. This means she has jumped through some accreditation hoops, commits to a code of practice and is regularly updating her sales CPD so she can bring the best to her clients.

She regularly speaks at industry events and has a wide network of agents and educators, as well as those service providers that supply our world.

On a personal note, she lives in Kent, UK, by the sea, loves a walk by the sea with her pooch and is invested in the mental health charity, Student Minds.


After our deep dive into your sales function we deliver an extensive report to you.
There will be many recommendations, but we give you the top 3 recommendations that we believe will give you the quick wins to recoup your original investment with us back as fast as possible.

If you apply those 3 top recommendations and still don't believe they have gathered you more than £2997 of extra sales - within 6 months - just ask for your money back. No quibble.

So what actually happens in a Sales Health-Check?

The sessions

We schedule 3 x 3 hour virtual sessions. Usually within one week to maintain momentum.

The first with the sales leader/owner and senior leaders to get an overview.
From there we decide the second and third, but always included is marketing, admissions perhaps and the sales team. We make sure we talk to them individually to uncover the blocks.

The checks

I send you a list of things to get ready - it's not too complicated, don't worry!

I find out what you have in place already, so I'll be looking into your tech set-up, systems, processes already in place, team and their availability, goals, messaging and so on. It is totally bespoke to you, no matter what you have in place now, we check it.
You won't have all the answers at this stage, and that's perfectly normal.

The Results + Aftercare


Within a week of the last virtual session I deliver your bespoke Sales Health Check report.
It will include the main areas to work on and suggest solutions.

I also put these in order of importance, with the top 3 recommendations being those that, if you implement them, will more than cover the cost of the Sales Health Check itself. Guaranteed.

After you've had time to digest the results you have a session with me to ask me questions about the points raised.